Redeveloping an industrial site: General contractor’s premise Building a turnkey greenfield factory is a fairly complex task that requires hands-on experience and technical know-how.  Good organisation is certainly the best asset to guarantee the success of a project like this. However redeveloping and/or optimizing an old industrial property, an activity generally called brownfield project, is [...]
What is a feasibility study? A feasibility study is the drafting of an articulate and complex document that gives clear unequivocal answers for the definition of a business venture. In the field of industrial construction and building in general, a feasibility project is based on a multitude of factors. Below are some of the most [...]

On 15th September 2005, the new edition of ISO9001 certification regulations was published. We shall take a look at the main news and changes. ISO9001-2015 certification: what has changed for businesses? All companies which already have this certification, or would like to introduce it in their organisations, will be obliged to apply this new  standard, […]

Solar Photovoltaic system with SEU(Sistemi Efficienti di Utenza, or efficiency systems) Qualification – Sartoria Eugubina (Gubbio, province of Perugia) Is your company’s electricity bill too high? Thanks to an SEU-qualified solar photovoltaic system, you can immediately start saving thousands of euros a year off your energy bills. But how much does a system like this [...]
General Contractor Meaning By the term ‘General contractor’ we make reference to a company, or an individual, that deals with the complete execution of a general construction project, renovation contractor or building contractor construction which can be houses, offices, up to a work execution. At the general contractor is entrusted the complete assignment of the [...]