Work continues in the industrial plant of Valença do Minho for the multinational operating in the automotive sector MAAP MA Automotive Portugal SA (CLN Group). They provide for the overall restyling of the architectural, technical and plant complex of the site. In this phase the changes of the west and south loading piers are being [...]
The works of energy requalification in Romeoauto SpA were completed within the pre-established time frame. The building matter of work was located in Ponte Felcino (Perugia). The intervention was included in the POR FESR 2014 – 2020 Call of Umbrian Region. Energy efficiency focused on the coverage, now insulated; the installation of a photovoltaic system; the [...]
Work continues on schedule for the umbrian customer, Scatolificio Saico. In recent months all the permits have been obtained for the important logistic expansion of the Col di Pozzo (PG) plant. In these days the foundations will be realized, while at the planning level the prefabricated structure should be completed by the middle of december.
The Inveco Group's portuguese company, Naiting Promotora Immobiliaria and Constructora Civil Lda, has signed a preliminary sale contract for the Valença do Minho industrial plant with the multinational, operating in the automotive sector, MAAP MA Automotive Portugal SA, which is part of the CLN Group. In addition to the sale of the real estate, the [...]
Work began at the Saico S.r.l. in Città di Castello (PG). Scatolificio Saico Srl is national leader in the packaging sector. It is specialized in various sectors, including the metalworking industry, foodstuffs up to clothing. Inveco Holding is the global general contractor for the project, which envisages the construction of a new logistics warehouse, equipped with the [...]
Inveco Holding is operating in the Dayco Europe Srl plant in Ivrea (Turin) for renovation works. Currently, work is underway on the rebuilding of the roof by means of restoration with new tinsmithing. This type of intervention is carried out in collaboration with Bernardi Coperture. New updates will follow.
Inveco Holding and Romeo Auto S.p.a. have signed an agreement for the completion of the energy redevelopment project of a building used as headquarter, owned by the aforementioned group, located in Ponte Felcino (Perugia). The intervention is carried out in compliance with the Bando Regione Umbria POR FESR 2014 – 2020. It includes interventions to [...]
The French company Sagemcom, after the acquisition (July 2017) of METER ITALIA, company that produces the so-called smart gas meters, will improve at the infrastructural level, the production site of Città di Castello (PG). INVECO has been chosen as a partner in this new industrial mission.   The works object of the agreement concern the adaptation of the [...]
In the first semester 2018, Mello Azevedo, a brazilian company owned by Inveco Holding SpA, together with Paranasa Engenharia and Comercio through CS Consorzio Salvador, completed the construction of the new connecting terminal between Metro and Bus lines of Salvador and Lauro de Freitas, in the city of Bahia (Brazil). The works, which lasted approximately [...]
Gruppo Inveco has completed new offices for COOPER STANDARD ITALY SPA, in industrial district of Ciriè (TO).
Business meeting for the management of Gruppo Inveco in Riccione (RN) last saturday. Convivial evening with Maxsolutions srl and Romeoauto.
Inveco Holding SpA has reached, in recent days, an agreement with a new customer, Scatolificio SAICO Srl, which will provide the construction of a new logistics warehouse to be built adjacent to the current factory in Loc. Coldipozzo, Città di Castello (PG ). The start of the works will take place at the end of [...]
Works has began at the Dayco srl plant in Chieti. The images below concern the partitioning of the electric cabins. The works will also include the asbestos recovery and the rebuilding of the industrial coverage of the plant, in addition to the construction of safety parapets and new life lines. The end of the works [...]
Works for the construction of the new Metro and Bus terminal of the Salvador and Lauro de Freitas Metro System, in Bahia, are coming to an end in the scheduled times. The delivery of the structure is expected for the end of February 2018.
We have two new projects in Italy: Modulo Srl: project for the requalification of the Headquarter in Umbertide (PG), which include an industrial enlargement of 1.000 sq.m. and an expansion of the offices. The work includes also the revamping of the industrial process system Dayco Europe Srl: asbetos recovery and roof remakin of the plant [...]
Realization of the new executive offices, installation of the new thermal power room consisting of two new steam generators of 2.8 MW (CANNON), thermal output of 2,400,000 Kcal/h,  new exterior post-demolition areas. Work progresses according to programs shared with the client.
02 Octber, 2017 Work in progress of the new Metro and Bus terminal of the Salvador and Lauro de Freitas Metro System, in Bahia
27 September, 2017 The 26th and 27th of september in Ciriè (TO) we have had the monitoring audit of ISO 9001 Certification. This audit have included both documental procedure and all operative phases of the building site, directly managed by INVECO staff. The monitoring audit was carried out by SGS Lead Auditor, Eng. Maurizio Mancini, and [...]
05 September, 2017 At the end of August, in collaboration with its supplier Tecopolimeri Srl, Inveco finished the maintenance of the industrial floor with epoxy resin reinforced with carbon fiber.  Industrial floor surface is 1.000 sqmt. The maintenance process stage: “paving and milling” of the old floor, reinforced mesh laying, 1 cm thickness of epoxy [...]
28 August, 2017 Demolition of the old thermal power center , Cooper Standard Italy SpA Ciriè (TO) plant. During the last August Inveco demolished about  9.600 sqm. The waste material was recycled and brought to a deployed landfill.
10 July, 2017 Construction and completion process of the new integrated underground shelter facility delivered for the Dytech Sumitomo Riko Group plant located in Kokaeli industrial area of Izmit, Turkey. The project has been completed as scheduled.
15 June, 2017 Inveco Holding signed a very important contract with world-known real estate agency Cushman&Wakefield regarding marketing activities for industrial property in the industrial zone of Gandra, Valenca (Portugal). This contract will sharpen the market approach and broaden the reach to potential buyers / tenants for this remarkable industrial facility.
14 June, 2017 The CEO Mr. Filippo Barbetti signed with the DMO General Manager Mrs. Carmen De Martino a new lease contract of INVECO Gubbio (PG) plant.  The new contract will last for 6 years.  Filippo Barbetti declares to be pleased to bring  to Gubbio a new manufacturing reality that has as its core business [...]
22 May, 2017 INVECO and DYTECH have signed an important lease contract for 6 years. The Scarlino’s Plant will be occupied by the Japanese multinational who has already shown ownership of modernizing some production lines. In addition, DYTECH partners for over 20 years have consolidated their trade relationship with this new agreement.
2 May, 2017 In times of always emerging market changes, the clear directions extracted form management board strategy are essential
10 April, 2017 Inveco Holding Brasilian partner Mello Azevedo acquired a new works with the Grupo CCR metro Bahia. The contract will provide the construction of a new terminal junction between Bus and Subway stations.

20 March, 2017 Preparation of work site. The new job concerning amianthus removal and disposal, demolition of the old school.

25 January, 2017 Inveco Holding, relying on previous experience and results, made the new global strategy and is ready for the new business era! Please check the information here.