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Choice of materials and suppliers

This activity is done and developed in symbiosis with the customer and is basically the preliminary phase to the realization of the work.

Construction supervision

Although this appointment is a responsibility of the client / customer, the choice and appointment of the Works Manager can also be made by the General Contractor.


Safety and prevention

The reference regulation is included in TITLE IV of the Consolidated Law on Safety at Work, Legislative Decree 81/08, which determines the specific obligations and sanctions in the event of non-compliance with the rules by those responsible for the activity.
Fundamental certification for the management of work activity on construction sites is the POS. It is defined by Article 89 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 as “the document that the employer of the executing company draws up, with reference to the individual construction site concerned, pursuant to article 17 paragraph 1, letter a) “.
Who draws up the POS is the Employer, or the owner of the company that deals with the works, without distinguishing between the executing company or, possibly, subcontractor. The Operational Safety Plan contains:
Assessment of the risks to which the workers of the company are subjected;
Specific activity and individual processes;
Description of construction site activities, organization and shifts;
List of possible scaffolding, important temporary works, dangerous substances;
Prevention and protection measures to be taken to contain or eliminate the risk;
Organization of global company security regarding processes, machines and equipment;
Security organization chart;
The PSC consists of a technical report that outlines the various operational phases of the work, identifying the most risky situations and providing for concrete actions (related to the complexity of the work) for the safety of the specific construction site; this document must be attached to the contract. Two persons in charge are involved in the Safety and Coordination Plan:
Coordinator of the works during the design phase (CSP) which draws up the safety plan;
Coordinator of the work in progress (CSE) that assesses the safety plan, can request any additions and verifies the correct application of the work procedures.
It is the responsibility of the owner of the company to ensure that the provisions indicated in the PSC are implemented in a timely and precise manner and that the plan is distributed to the RSPP and to all the figures involved in the construction site safety (works manager and coordinators).
The minimum contents to be included in the PSC are defined in ANNEX XV of Legislative Decree 81/2008, and include:
• description of the work and site and indications of the geographical location;
• references of those responsible for site safety;
• analytical risk assessment report, with particular reference to the jobs that expose workers to particular risks (listed in ANNEX XI of Legislative Decree 81/2008), with preventive and protective measures and procedures (including individual devices);
• collective coordination measures (setting up, use of equipment, infrastructure and collective protection services, first aid service etc.);
• duration of works and estimate of safety costs.

Project management

The Project Management activity consists mainly in developing on behalf and in the name of the customer / client all those activities that a general contractor actually carries out during the construction phase. In fact, with a specific project management contract, site management is done by external technicians who act in the name and on behalf of the customer. The same will supervise the construction of the work and will directly make the various specific procurement contracts with suppliers.