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Definition of layout and needs

The definition of the layout and the analysis of all production needs allow to identify the real needs of the
customer. This activity is strongly connected to the preliminary project as all the information it contains will
be overturned in the project itself.

Preparation of the preliminary project

The preparation of the preliminary project generally takes place in two steps. The first shows the customer
the first part of the project and all the technical and functional components of the same are analysed. The
second step is a sort of validation of the project itself by the client.
The more detailed the technical aspects and the information it contains, the more reliable the preliminary
project will be.


Project timing definition

The definition of this phase is divided into four phases: the first takes into consideration the time necessary for the preparation of the final and executive project, the second takes into consideration the time necessary to obtain the qualifications, the third takes into consideration the time necessary for the realization of the operational phase of the construction site, the fourth finally takes into consideration the time necessary for the management of the final structural tests and plant tests.

Activation of relations with municipalities and institutions

This service is essential as in the industrial field, obtaining the qualifications involves several entities. Before submitting the project to the offices in charge, it is essential to make preliminary interlocutory steps with the same bodies and / or municipalities.

Fulfillment of procedures for authorizations and connection of utilities

This service varies from site to site and from municipality to municipality and certainly from country to country. The procedures to be put in place are many, generally all the relevant legal procedures are taken into consideration. Interlocution with the bodies responsible for the connection of plant utilities is also a very important aspect that must be taken into consideration.

Drafting of the final project

Drafting of the final structural architectural and plant engineering project valid for obtaining the qualifications.
The drafting of the final project is a fairly complex activity and involves more and more technicians at the same time and in close collaboration with each other. The drafting time could last several weeks depending on the complexity and size of the property to be built. The drafting of the final project has a dual purpose. The first allows the definition of the contract budget and the definition of the overall cost of the new property. The second allows you to submit to the competent authorities all the preparatory documentation for obtaining the qualifications.

Drafting of the executive project

The drafting of the executive project is the activity that will then allow subcontractors to carry out the work as a whole. A substantial part of the executive project is the drafting of the tender specifications where all the technical characteristics of the work and the materials to be used will be specified. The timing of drafting the executive project could last on average from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity and size of the property to be built.

Realization of the work

All the operational phases of the construction site for the turnkey construction, giving the final customer the finished work in compliance with the contractual deadlines.