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The industrial restructuring of factories and / or establishments and / or manufacturing areas (brownfield projects) are to be considered as the fusion of technical engineering and architectural experiences.

The main difficulties of industrial restructuring are closely related to the status quo of the places and buildings to be restored, there are no standard parameters and even less universal solutions to be repeated project by project.

The customer's need is a key factor. Sometimes some may marry with the feasibility of the project, sometimes this becomes impossible from a technical point of view. In order to overcome this impasse, it is necessary to establish a clear and direct relationship with the customer, to examine the main constraints linked to feasibility, which are mostly economic and budgetary on the one hand, and the technical ability / flexibility to propose alternative performing solutions.

The industrial restructuring of any object, whether it is a simple shed or a large surface area, always starts with one or more specific inspections. Sometimes these, if they require technical analysis, are of an onerous nature for the customer as, in order to have the necessary feasibility answers, it is necessary to make essays and checks from a static, plant engineering point of view, and a study of the state of pollution soil and structural works.

Structural consolidation is another key factor in the activity of industrial restructuring. In many cases the structures to be restored are good and suitable for hosting a new manufacturing activity, in many other cases instead these must be dismantled and / or consolidated.

From the plant engineering point of view, however, the most delicate activity is to establish if in the building and / or in the industrial area to be restructured there are apparatuses in compliance with standards and still alive and, above all, how much it costs to recover them. Generally this happens very rarely as technical progress and technological development now allow new installations at low costs, with very efficient performance and technical performance. An industrial restructuring in itself makes each plant more energy efficient.