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Inveco Holding is very active in the topic of renewable energy. In 2009 Inveco Holding SpA, took the opportunity of the GSE incentives of the second energy account by making an investment on its own and installing a photovoltaic system on the roof of the office building in Chieti (CH), with a nominal power of 20 kW. It was the first investment in renewable energy.

In the years to come, other investments were made and other photovoltaic systems installed on the industrial roofs owned by the Group.

To date, the total installed power is greater than 10 MW. The regions where our systems have been installed are Umbria, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto.

In 2014 INVECO evaluated the opportunity to invest in the wind energy production sector and installed a 60 kW wind turbine in the Municipality of Reino (BV). (Vestas V-17 turbine). After making the first investment, the following year, in Puglia, in the Municipality of Nociglia (LE), we acquired a wind turbine already in operation with a power of 200 kw. (Elecrtia Wind garbi-200 turbine). The same has been optimized in the years to come with specific maintenance in synergy with specialized companies in the area.

The renewable energy sector represents for the Inveco Group a business unit that represents 50% of our activities.

Following the new trends and dynamics of the market, the Group intends to continue investing in the renewable energy sector, specifically in photovoltaic systems. The scenarios of the new projects that we have in mind in the years to come will include installations on our own and / or for third parties, developed for highly energy-intensive companies, aimed at self-consumption, qualifying as SEU efficient user systems.